Recommittment For A Weight Watcher Truant

I will drag my behind out of bed every Saturday morning even if it is cold and even if I don’t feel like it and even if I’m tired because I was up half the night and even if I’m worried I won’t like what the scale tells me. My goal for February is to attend a meeting every single Saturday. Even when the topic is dull, the act of actually going seems to make a huge difference for my success. Today I learned that I regained a bunch of weight — no surprise — and I have about 80 pounds to reach my unofficial goal. Let’s make that 75 pounds by March 1st!

lunchAs a side note, this was my lunch today. As I chowed down on my eight point tuna salad sandwich it occurred to me that I should just skip the bread next time. The bread was just a tuna-to-mouth delivery device and didn’t add much to my experience. Completely unnecessary! I enjoyed it with a Lindt Lindor milk chocolate ball (2 points) and I’m about to make myself a skim latte so I can continue to function for the rest of the day. Slave, I am, to caffeine. One big change I am making with my meals is to sit at a table and eat without distraction. No laptop in my face. No book. No scrap paper. Just me, myself and I, and whatever I’m eating. Okay, and my family. This is a big challenge. Slave, I am, to technology as well, it seems.

I’ve walked about twenty minutes earlier today and  tonight I’m attending a dance where I expect to be moving and dancing for at least 90 minutes.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday. I know I am.


One thought on “Recommittment For A Weight Watcher Truant

  1. I stopped eating bread with my tuna salad a while ago when I realised, like you, it was really just a bread shovel. 🙂 I love a tin of tuna with lots of veggies chopped into it and a bit of real mayo. Yum! I’ll be trying to ditch more bread this week now that I’m counting points. This is a good strategy!

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