My Kind of Activity

Once a week, for the last year and a half, I put on my shoes, usually hop on the bus, dance for two hours, walk back home, and collapse. On the rare occasion, I carpool to other cities to enjoy this hobby. I’ve attended a couple weekends devoted to this style of dance which included a costumed ball and workshops to improve technique. I’m hooked!

ECDThe weaving, whirling figures are hypnotic and satisfying. Like parts of a puzzle fit to music, now that I have a little experience, I enjoy anticipating the pieces so one flows into the next without pause unless, of course, the dance calls for it. Maybe it speaks to my perfectionist tendancies that I really enjoy trying to get it right. I can get lost in the gorgeous live music, too.

This picture from last night shows everyone  reaching to pull by in unison. In doing so, they acknowledge the person they are passing with some eye contact, a firm but not too firm handshake grip, and sort of springy arms. This is called making connection and it can be a little thrilling. When this sort of dance was most popular several hundred years ago, imagine how exciting it would be  to touch hands with someone of the opposite gender and gaze into their eyes. See, now I’m in Jane Austen book territory.

Exercise in disguise is the best! Social dancing checks off a lot of my fun boxes,  makes me a little sweaty and lots of tired. Clearly it can’t be the only activity I do because it doesn’t happen often enough but I’d love to find some other things that are as fun and deceptive exercise-wise.

What is your favourite thing to do to get moving?


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