It’s going to get a little angsty

I did it. I started Weight Watchers on Saturday morning.

I’m proud I took the plunge. I’m not terribly excited about the changes I’m going to have to make, however.  I’m a pretty positive person most of the time, but I feel like I’m going to have to do a bit of kicking and screaming until I get comfortable with this whole thing.

I tracked everything I ate and drank yesterday, including my late night munchies. I went over my daily points allotment by a couple points. Thank goodness I have some extras for the week!  I also went out for a 30 minute leisurely walk with the kids after supper. That was a gain of 3 points.

I didn’t really hold back much in terms of what I ate. My husband was craving veal parm sandwiches from a tiny place on the mountain – Paninoteca – so my lunch was half of a chicken parmesan sandwich on real Italian bread with sauteed mushrooms and mozzarella. Angels played harps on my tongue while I ate it, it was that good!  I only ate half, though!

See what I did there? Yup, restraint.

At dinner, I made a family favourite: Rouladen with mashed potatoes and peas.  Rouladen is a German meal made of up a very thin slice of round steak that is stuffed with a mixture of chopped bacon, pickle and mustard. It’s seared and simmered in a sauce from a packet – and because my German is terrible, I can’t really read it.

The mashed potatoes were made exactly as I always do: skins on, because that’s where all the vitamin C is, butter, heavy cream, sea salt and pepper.

There just isn’t any point in eating food unless it tastes great. Not good: GREAT! Really. And not just great tasting food but great quality food.  You won’t catch me running off to Food Basics to buy a chub of ground beef for $1 a pound. I’ll happily pay my butcher far more than that for meat I know was raised locally in a healthy way. I don’t eat frankfoods whose fat and nutrients have been sucked out. No fat free anything in this house. 2% milk is about as low fat as we go around here. I like my brie to be triple cream, I like to get my Omega 3s from fatty fish like salmon and I prefer that salmon smoked and, even better, as pate. And I like butter. You couldn’t pay me to eat margarine.

Given my penchant for natural, good quality, full fat foods, my dinner worked out to 18 points.

ImageIt was delicious. And, after supper, I was within my daily points range.

What got me was the late night snack. That’s my big problem. A late night binge while knitting into the wee hours. I’m going to have to come up with a strategy to deal with that. It’ll probably involve more daily activity to tire me out, earlier bedtimes and having veggies and fruit ready in case I do get the urge to munch.

On the whole, I was pretty proud of myself.

Today was a different story.

We went out of town to visit family. The trip there always involves stopping at a timeless diner called Hewitt’s Dairy Bar. We eat a diner lunch and usually grab a sundae, too. And that’s just what I did: western sandwich on white toast, a tin of soda pop and a wild cherry sundae. I just had a kiddie sundae, though, probably sparing myself an extra four billion calories!

The family who made dinner for us was unprepared for making a proper meal so we ate a boxed deep dish pizza, of which I had 1/4 and a glass of soda pop.

The diner meal I’m totally unrepentant about. The pizza, well, it happens, right? But it’s not something I would have chosen for myself. I even tried to get some salad fixings purchases to offset the bread/cheese monstrosity, but I was vetoed.

I’ll probably indulge in a last hurrah of late night splurges, too. But that will be it. I’ll be done. Tomorrow will be a new day.

I’ve got some big plans but getting them started will involve some crankiness. That’s just me. I expect, after I get the kvetching out of my system, it’ll be smooth sailing.



2 thoughts on “It’s going to get a little angsty

  1. I’ve been known to brush my teeth and go upstairs to the bedroom to avoid snacking at night. I’m just lazy enough that the thought of re-brushing prevents lots of evening eating.

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