Making Goals

They say you can’t get to where you want to go without knowing how to get there. (Who are they, anyway?) Of course, it also helps to know where you want to go, too!

In Weight Watchers, there are a couple of milestones. Your first goal is 5% of your total starting weight. The second is 10% of your starting weight. If you can get that far, you’ve probably got the momentum to go all the way and set a final goal for yourself. They, helpfully, provide realistic guidelines for setting that goal.

Of course, the numbers on the scale are only part of the story. In fact, sometimes they are extremely misleading. A woman of my size can use the particular statistic of weight lost to gauge progress. But, at a certain point, I hope to also add muscle to my body and in that case, scale numbers can be misleading.

So, I have other goals, too. Because I am more than just what my body weighs at any given time. And while reaching a particular number will feel rewarding, it will feel far more rewarding to reach the following goals (in order of achieving them):

  1. Lose 10 lbs – that will feel like something indeed!
  2. Get under a size 20 – first things first, I’d like to get back into the teens in terms of clothing sizes, initially.
  3. Do 100 kettlebell swings.
  4. Be able to walk at a moderate pace and sing out loud – because singing out loud is pure joy for me and I want the lung capacity to do it while walking home late at night when noone is around.
  5. Buy a belt without having to go to Jenny’s Circus Tents for Luscious Ladies.
  6. Complete a Couch to 5K program.
  7. Buy clothes at a non-specialty store. I’d like to be able to walk into any boutique and be able to find something to buy.

Whaddya think? Are those good goals?


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