horse mugWe’ve lived in this house for more than three years and I still have boxes in our attic that I haven’t unpacked.   While rummaging for a lost boot — why I’d think it’d magically appear in the attic, I don’t know —  I found a box with all kinds of forgotten treasures.  Usually I believe a box untouched for more than a year, especially if it contains knick-knacks and other clutter,  deserves a new family or a dumpster.  This is the exception!

There were Wade figurines I remember admiring as a child and amongst the other china were two ceramic mugs made for my grandparents by some kind, taste-challenged person about 30 years ago.

They are butt ugly.
And I love them.

My grandfather’s mug has horse heads. He had a great love of horses, raised them, devoted a large part of his life to them, and taught me to ride. My grandmother’s has seventies style painted flowers. I’ve found my new tea mug! Horse heads, it is!

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