Cravings? I’ve got ’em. I crave a bite of something sweet and creamy while I cook. I crave chocolate and nuts. I crave sugar and butter and cream. Late at night I crave a sandwich.

Freud would say I have an oral fixation.

I used to smoke. I smoked cigarettes for 18 years.

And, can I just take a moment to marvel that I can say that I did something for 18 years!  And I haven’t even done it for almost a decade. That’s a weird circumstance to find oneself in.

OK, so, I’m not getting any younger and I used to smoke for a really long time. While I didn’t have trouble quitting – I quit once, made the decision to do it and did and never looked back – I do still have the physical urge for ritualized oral satisfaction.

Mind out of the gutter please! I’m being serious here.

I think part of my overeating problem is, in part, the fact that I love to prepare something tasty and sit down and eat it but not so much because I’m hungry, or I desire a particular taste. I believe one one hand I want my mouth to be doing something and on the other I want to be participating in a ritual.

Perhaps I need a soother. Or chewing gum.

For now, I carry around a mason jar filled with cold, clear water. I take a sip. I swirl it over my tongue and around my mouth and then I swallow. I take a deep breath and more on.

Nearly a decade on and I still have the physical urge to do something similar to smoking. How long will it take to alter this craving to eat extra stuff?

One thought on “Cravings

  1. Drinking water, eating veggies, chewing gum, sucking on a peppermint, cleaning your kitchen, taking a walk, lifting your kettle bell. Learning to replace on habit with another better habit — a lot like quitting smoking.

    You can do it, lady! 🙂

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