You Know You’re Old When …

… you injure yourself so easily! This summer I attended a dance weekend where I strained my trapezius and intercostals (back and rib muscles) with twisting, I suspect. Who does that?! Now it feels like I’ve done something to my achilles tendon. Since Monday I’ve had incredible, searing pain when I try to walk, especially in the morning. I could manage only on the ball of my foot. The pain dissipates as the morning goes on but I still feel tightness at the back of my foot at ankle level and extreme tenderness at the back of my heel. Walking is do-able but not very comfortable. I thank Dr. Google for its expertise and I’ll be heading to a doctor shortly, I hope, to see what can be done.

Lesson: STREEEEETCH! Take it slow if you have had a break in activity. Don’t think you can jump back into something you haven’t done in a few weeks right where you left off.

Super bummed I can’t dance tonight.

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