Rewards for Motivation and Reinforcement

Earlier this week I made some goals. Now I want to set out some rewards for myself.  It helps to motivate me if I know I’ll be getting something wonderful after achieving hard won victories. I deserve some spoils, right?

Reward 1: Haircut at Strut Salon.

I’m about 6mths overdue for a proper haircut. Well, more like 8mths, I think. And as much as my husband loves it when my hair gets long, it’s a pain to take care of, looks straggly to me and has lost all decent shape. When I reach my 5% goal (WW’s first goal is 5% of your starting weight) I will book time with Ange from Strut Salon for some beautifying.

Reward 2: Pedicure at The Ten Spot

One of my goals is to join Michael Moore and walk for 30 minutes every day. I’ve had chronic heel pain in my right foot since the summer so this is actually a big challenge. Walking is the easiest health practice a person can undertake. It is simple and effective. So, when I have gone for 30 minute walks every day for two weeks, I am booking myself a pedicure at The Ten Spot in Hamilton. I can’t really afford these kinds of indulgences on a regular basis but the couple times I’ve done it over the years have been a divine experience.  And I’m worth it – especially when I’ve been working those feet hard!

I think that’s a good start. What are some of your rewards?

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