Success Journal – Little Steps to Start

I think I mentioned before that I’ve begun Weight Watchers.  It’s an interesting program and while I object to their low-fat stance, it is overall a sensible approach to fat loss. This week was my second weigh-in and my first chance to see if I’d lost anything.

Let me begin by saying, this week wasn’t a great week for eating healthy. I ate half of a pie on the weekend, a few cookies during the week, portions a bit larger than I should have had, late night snacks, pizza and a slice of the most delicious homemade sponge cake (with real whipped cream!) ever. I ate all the foods I usually eat: there was heavy cream and butter in the scrambled eggs and the mashed potatoes. There was pasta. There was very little in the way of fruit eaten and not much more food of the vegetable variety.

I was much more aware of my portions. I made an attempt to keep my servings a little less generous, tho not miniscule by any means. I tracked most of the foods I ate as honestly as possible.  After a week being aware but not necessarily following the program to the letter, I was expecting a small increase in my weight when I stepped on the scale for my Saturday morning weigh-in.

I was down .4 lbs (and that’s 4/10ths, not 4oz).

Yay me!


One little step to get started.

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