Some Weeks Are Rough

I find myself floundering this week.  I feel unmotivated to do anything. The longer I don’t do anything, the fewer options I have. That’s when I go for the bad options.

If I don’t take some meat out of the freezer the night before a meal, I won’t have something to build a meal around. If I don’t plan the week’s meals and make a grocery list based on that plan, I won’t have the ingredients I need to make dinner. If I give in to depression and procrastination and not prep for dinner a few hours before supper needs to be made, I will miss the “cook for 2-3 hrs” option and not have a meal made before 8pm at night.

And, I do all of these things regularly. The result is that I throw my hands up in the air, as if I was surrendering to forces beyond my control, and declare that this night we are going out for supper. Or that we are ordering pizza. And I always feel bad afterward. Especially after the pizza. Pizza shop pizza is such a sad affair. I always have eater’s remorse afterward.

This week I have to stop doing that and cook all of my meals at home.

I am going to sit down and have a look at the weekly flyers and build a menu for the week based on a few sale items and go shopping for all the things we need to make meals.

I am going to defrost and prep in time and get off my ass and actually make a supper every night this week. I’ll even show you pictures.

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