Weekly Weigh-In and Ponderings

Official Weigh-In: -0.2lbs
Total: 14.6

I was not surprised by the weigh-in today. I peeked on the home scale this morning and could see I was frustratingly high.  I have done everything by the books this week. I’ve exercised and eaten well. I’ve recorded everything.  But this is more than the number of the scale. I’ve made a lot of great changes in my lifestyle and those are so important, too. Most important, even. Some weeks the scale might not reflect those changes and while it is a little maddening as I’m very results oriented, I’ll cope and keep on keeping on. I’m just happy I went to the meeting this week. I have a tendency to hide when I sense a maintain or a gain, and that leads to me being off the program and eventually really gaining. Showing up and putting my butt in a seat is a big win!

The video below sort of reflects my inner state  today.  Feeling great! I had sunshine in my face, a nice walk, an excellent latte, and I’m preparing for an evening of fun with friends.


Tomorrow I’m going to start the C25K Week One on the treadmill. There is a woman about my size in a group I’m in and she is doing it. If she can do it, so can I! I haven’t run since gym class when I was 15, I’d bet, and that’s a lot of years! And if I can do it, so can you.

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