This week has been fabulous in many ways. I received a notice from a university I once attended that my application was accepted and I’m going to return in September.  It’s a fresh and exciting start! I might have run laps around my kitchen holding my phone to my chest (they informed me via email and mail) and howling like a banshee.  I have a bit of a plan for my life. It shifts and changes but I ponder and list goals. One of them includes applying to two particular programs next spring, either of which would be amazing, and this is a step. I admit that I’m a little nervous about  being the old lady in the room but I’m there for me, not for anyone else, and as is occasionally pointed out, “What other people think of me is none of my business!”

The whole eating and activity thing hasn’t gone well this week. I did allow a bad day to turn into three. Tomorrow I weigh-in and I look forward for a chance to just sit with what happened this week and make better decisions as opportunities arise.

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