Changes and wins

Shall we start with the win?

I lost 3.9lbs this week!

Last week, my weigh-in revealed a gain. That was discouraging. It is still hard to follow the program as it was intended but I’m making some changes.

One of my problem eating areas if late night snacks.  I like to relax after the kids go to bed. I make a nice snack and zone out in front of Netflix and Hulu. Sometimes I have the munchies and sometimes I’m genuinely hungry when I’m up very late and it’s been more than 5 hours after supper.

Rather that deny myself my evening’s enjoyment, I have made snacks that are healthier. I’ve made crackers with cream cheese and caviar, handfuls of grapes, veggies and dip, pita and hummus and good quality European cheese.  I used to eat nacho chips or pie or ice cream or sandwiches.  In comparison, I think the snacks are far healthier given they’re supposed to snacks and not a second supper.

I’ve also been trying to get to bed at a better hour.  I love to stay up late. Heck, I’m writing this at 2:05am! So, getting into bed before midnights helps to curb the late night eating urges.  I don’t have a chance to feel hungry if I’m asleep!

The last change I made this week was to reduce the amount of soda I drink – a major weakness – and drink more water.  I drink diet soda (knowing full well aspertame is a terrible toxin) and studies are showing now that diet soda is correlated with Type 2 diabetes and weight gain. So, I’m kicking the habit. A little at a time, tho.

Small changes are easy. Soon, though, lots of these little changes will have big results.

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