New Patterns

I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell off the rails last week. It was a terrible day where I had a lot of stressors big and small  descend all at once like vultures, and I felt alone with them. What could I have done instead of trying to comfort myself with food?

I might have taken a walk outside. I could have hopped on my treadmill and walked if I thought it was too cold/icy outdoors. I could have written something about it in a journal. I could have talked to friends about how I was feeling. I could have done some quiet meditation, or listened to music. I could have painted or sketched. I could have done a lot of things that don’t involve a free for all.

Life is full of stress and while feeling occasionally overwhelmed happens and I can just move on, I think it’s important to also change old, learned patterns that are so comfortable for me and figure out new, healthier ways to cope. Easy to type but more difficult to actually do!  Baby steps.

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