Getting Active

Nothing like being a complete slacker to keep an ass fat.

This whole diet thing is bugging me. I’m having trouble reigning in my consumption when there is so much delicious food in the world.  We have been out of jam for a few weeks so I made jam last night. Jam! It was really good strawberry vanilla jam. And I had some on toast for breakfast. And then Whirlytwirl made really great scones so I had two scones with jam.

So, if the eating is not really “in control”, I guess I’d better get my butt in gear and get exercising.  To that end, I’ve made three challenges to myself:

  1. Walk for 30 minutes every day.
  2. Do air squats every day.
  3. Do kettlebell exercises every day.

How did I do this week?  Well, I’ve made it out for 2 walks both 30 minutes or longer. I have done 10 squats yesterday and today. I have done 1 set of kettlebell one arm rows, 5 on each side, using my 25 lb kettlebell.

Since I started at nothing, that’s pretty good so far. This next week, I’m aiming for more.

The walking is great. I take the kids with me and we explore an adjacent neighbourhood with huge old houses. They’re really more like estates!  I walk, get to hang with the boys and they get more time being active, too. We live just at the edge of the bottom of an escarpment so the walking is crazy steep in places. Boys being boys, they run almost the whole way. They’re a bit like dogs off the leash. That means I have to walk fast enough to (mostly) keep up.

I was inspired to walk by Michael Moore who began walking for 30 minutes a day a few months ago as a way to de-stress and wound up losing weight. That single healthy changed cascaded into other changes and Moore has seen some really big health improvements.  If Michael Moore can do it, I certainly can.

The squats are fast and effective. I can rip off 10 in a minute or less. And 10, while sounding like a small amount, actually makes my butt and thighs really sore the next day.  Then again, it’s like my legs are benchpressing a few hundred pounds. I plan to up the amount by 5 each week. Since I really only started this a couple days ago, I’m going to continue to do 10 squats for this next week.

I bought a kettlebell a couple years ago. I used it for sporadic swing workouts. It’s doing me no good sitting in the corner of the living room. Today I did one arm rows and that’s great for now. I intend, however, to flesh out a proper kettlebell workout that includes rows, swings, presses, etc. I don’t have to go anywhere to do this. I don’t even have to get dressed. I just have to pick up the kettlebell.

As with everything, the key to lasting change is repetition. I hope I have made this challenge to myself easy enough to do even on my low motivation days but hard enough to be physically challenging. I hope, too, that these small changes will inspire other changes. Maybe getting physically stronger and more fit will lead to making great food choices.

Then again, anytime I get my chubby fingers on a spinach, ricotta, pancetta, onion and nutmeg pizza, I’m going to eat a double portion of that stuff. Great food is worth eating!

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