Being Active

This week was terrible for eating but better for activity and great for motivation.

Four positive things I did:
I danced a few hours on Thursday and Saturday night.
I attended a WW meeting for the first time a few weeks.
I joined a 28 day 4% weight-loss challenge with people who are very motivated and serious.
I made a plan.

I also bought my first pair of running shoes ever with my own pennies last week. Running shoes, in my opinion, should be reserved for exercise and even then, it feels odd to slip on a pair. They are hideous. I feel self-conscious wearing them. Half slob and half imposter. I have a wide foot and this is reflected in the box-like nature of the gleaming white running shoes. Where are the more stylish shoes for people with Barney Rubble feet? They are very comfortable though and will surely serve their purpose well.

Interval “walkrun” training was recommended by the person working who organizes their beginner runner program. Starting slow, really really slow, should assist in not (re)injuring myself. He recommended specific intervals which seem close to those in The Beginner Runner’s Handbook by Ian MacNeill. Apparently there are a couple editions and the new edition, which I unfortunately purchased, has a more aggressive approach. I’ll be doing the intervals suggested at RunStrong – instead.

Tonight is the night! A couple friends and I, BirthintheHammer being one, are starting. Cheer us on! I want to be running 40-50 minutes by the end of June. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

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