My FitBit Made Me Do It

fitbitMy FitBit One arrived this week!  After coveting my friends’ gadgets for months, I hopped over to Amazon and ordered my own.

For those unfamiliar, go to FitBit to find out more.

About 10 minutes after the package was retrieved from the mailbox, I had the FitBit set up and snugged to my bra.  Turns out, in an average sedentary day, I walk about 3000 steps. The website recommends everyone strive to hit 10 ooo steps a day. Apparently, there is evidence that walking 10 000 steps a day – about 5 miles or  8 kilometres – will make you lean and healthy.

Hitting 10 000 steps per day isn’t easy for a normally sedentary person.

I didn’t used to be sedentary but last summer I injured my foot somehow and I can’t seem to heal it. While I can definitely walk lots still, after I stop and rest for a while, the pain of moving again is excruciating.  As a result, I’ve gotten lazier and lazier and the weight has just piled on.  I have to just move more.

And here is where the FitBit is magic: just knowing that the overall basic goal is 10 ooo steps and I only manage a few thousand toddling about the house, I feel this mad urge to add some extra walking into my day.  Not necessarily 8km of walking, but a block or 10 is definitely doable.  That first day I had the FitBit going I grabbed my oldest and strolled around the block. Just once around. Not a big block, even. It was more walking that I normally choose to do, tho. Then, last night, as I faced going to my weekly game group, I decided to walk, even with two kids in tow, rather than take a bus or a cab (my normal mode of transpo is get a lift from my husband). It took 30 minutes to get there, but I did it!

I’ve even earned my first badge: 5000 steps in a day. I got half way to my eventual daily goal!  With a sick boy at home tonight, I don’t think I’ll get many steps in today, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow.  Because I’m totally FitBit’s bitch.

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