Yesterday was HARD. HARD. The program I am doing calls for a 5 minute warm-up followed by 10 intervals of 1 minute running and 4 minutes brisk walking, and then a 5 minute cool-down. Physically, at about 50 minutes, I started feeling a little nauseated and headachy, and then when we finished and came inside, the moment I sat down I started getting tingly, faint and dizzy. From my reading, I might not have cooled down enough, or it might have been a hypoglycemic moment. Who knows. Either way, it was a little scary but things were better after a few minutes on my left side and a glass of water. I can walk hours and hours and hours but these short bursts of running are kicking my behind! I have to remind myself that I am running with the equivalent of seven and a half big bags of potatoes strapped to my normal weight body and anyone would find that challenging.

Mentally, I was also really intimidated by having others see me while I was exercising — particularly running bits. The park was full of people. There were folks who ran the marathon earlier in the day, families at the playground, jocks playing ball hockey in the tennis courts, and so on. People who are jerky enough to judge me being active aren’t people I should worry about in my life, but I still have a wee soundtrack playing in my brain at times shining a light on my insecurity. I carry around some baggage between my ears, I guess.

My next walkrun is Tuesday. I’m going to do it again unmodified, eat a banana and some PB before I head out, take my time cooling down, drink lots of fluids, and see what happens.

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