I Need Those Stinking Badges!

It was just yesterday that I was telling you that I had got a FitBit. And, tho I had reached my first two milestones of 5000+ steps and 10 floors in one day, I fully expected to spend quite some time hovering around 3-5000 steps a day. A friend who has had a FitBit for some time, the person originally responsible for making me salivate over the adorable little gadget, warned me to aim for 5000 or so for the next few months to acclimate myself to more activity before pushing myself hard for 10 000 steps a day.fitbitbadges

Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve hit my second two: I broke the 10 000 step barrier and walked more than 26 flights of stairs!

How did I do that? By getting off my butt and walking around, silly!

I walked to the doctor for a yearly physical this morning. It’s about 6 blocks away. Once there, I chose to take the steps up to the office. I was around 4000 steps and 4 flights of stairs before noon!

At noon I walked over to my sons’ school and walked with my littlest fella’s class to the downtown library and back.  That put me around 7000 steps.

After supper, I insisted the whole family go for a “quick” 30 minute walk in the neighbourhood. The best thing: the area we walk is at the leading edge of an escarpment, making for some incredibly steep walking. It’s all uphill till halfway and then it’s all downhill. It’s so steep that the roads have grooves cut out of them to improve traction.

Yay me!

When we returned home and I checked my step count, the whole family cheered for me and I did my first honest fist pump.

Now I just have to keep repeating this success!

One thought on “I Need Those Stinking Badges!

  1. Yay for your first 2 badges! I have a fitbit too, I was doing so well in my first month, then the second not so good, back to it again! Its a good way to set Personal Bests, and keeps you consistent!
    Feel free to add me as a friend, I only have a couple more badges than you do, I have not been doing my best to get my next, will need to up my game…
    Look forward to following your journey 🙂

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