5 Things I’ve Learned

What I’ve learned about running as a super beginner:

1. Going into exercise with a positive attitude makes a huge difference. If you think it will suck, it most certainly will. Nothing breaks your resolve more quickly being a negative person about your abilities to succeed at anything. Pump yourself up! If you can only run for 15 seconds at a time, that 15 seconds is better and longer than the 0 seconds you’d be doing if you hadn’t tried. I work in the childbirth field and I always tell my clients that labour is largely between the ears, and this doesn’t feel much different.

2. You will improve, and it’ll be magical. I have been amazed at how I can be dragging my behind on a Sunday but just two nights later, I could do the same thing and it was a breeze in comparison. Magic!

3. You will feel wonderful when you are finished. The downside of exercising at night is feeling so great after that you cannot settle down for sleep. I feel like a million bucks when I’m done my 30-60 minutes.

4. Finding an activity partner who is committed is key if you are someone who is prone to quitting, and being a reliable person to your activity partner is just as important. I cannot stand unreliability. It’s a huge pet peeve. I can fail me — I’ve done it lots — but I care enough about being a person other people can count on that if I say I’m going to do XYZ at a certain time and a certain day, I will do XYZ. My spouse is great for this as well. He is reliable, and we are accountable to each other. When I’m sweaty, red-faced, cursing under my breath, and feeling really challenged, he will say something amazingly sweet like, “You’ve never looked more beautiful than you do right now.” What a guy!

5. Lastly, make a plan and follow through. This is the most basic of basics. Start with baby steps like I’m doing, but get out there. Don’t let yourself down.

If I can do this, you can, too!

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