Just super quickly before I need to dash off to bed as I have an early morning:

I have taken two yoga classes! And loved them. I had never tried yoga before this despite always wanting to give it a whirl. I sort of felt like I would be too unfit and fat to do it. Uhm. Really, who cares? So I went and plopped my purchased-years-ago-never-used mat on the floor and joined in. I’m a person who pretty much has a million things floating around my brain at all times and I really enjoyed that by the end, I had some serenity. I was totally relaxed and so sad that the savasana ended so soon. The pigeon pose felt especially great, as well.

I did take a break from walk-running last week. I was awake for work for about 30+ hours and recovering from that totally disrupted by plans.

BirthintheHammer and I are walkrunning tomorrow afternoon together. I have three nights of that planned, a possible Lindy Hop dance lesson mid-week, dancing on Thursday night, and then yoga on Friday. Lots of activity!

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