I Finally Did It: Notes On My First Run

You see this girl?


She is now a runner. That’s me in my running gear. I joined twirlywhirl for a 45 minute week 1 run (30 minutes running, 4:30 minutes walking x 7, with warmups and cool downs). It’s the first time I’ve ever run. Ever!

Here are a few notes on my first run ever:

  1. I’d be lost without a buddy.  Without whirlytwirl to get me out of the house and committed to this run, even tho it was cold and sleeting out, I would never have left the house. She kept me motivated through the run and 45 minutes really did go by in a flash. OK, not really a flash, but it did NOT feel like we were out there for nearly an hour. It’s a great way to hang out with a friend. And a hot cup of tea together afterwards is a great reward.
  2. It gets easier/better.  The first 30 seconds of running, even tho I was going really, really slowly, was a little painful. My shins were burning. My lungs were protesting. Recovery took the whole four minutes. But, after a few intervals I started noticing something: that 30 seconds of running was over so fast I was shocked each time.  Whirlytwirl had our timer and signaled the run/walk changes by either running or walking (duh, so simple eh?) and each time she stopped running and switched back to walking I thought she must be mistaken. 30 seconds is nothing!
  3. I could care less about what strangers think of me. There were people out in the park – mostly dog walkers – despite the really horrid weather, Not once, however, did I get self-conscious. I was running for me – and for whirlytwirl – but mostly for me.
  4. What they say is true: when you are done, you really do feel awesome!  I feel energised, proud of myself, capable and inspired to continue.  I’m curious to see what this one change will do to my weight loss efforts (which have been stalled lately). I can see how in a few weeks I’m going to start really craving these runs.
  5. My FitBit was happy.  On a day when I do a really average for me amount of walking – around 2500 steps – I am topping 8000. I may just walk or dance around the house a bit to get that closer to 10 000.


These are my new running shoes. I spent $150 on them. They are Brooks men’s, for my wide feet, and have a pretty firm arch in them.  They were awesome!  Lots of support and very comfortable.  My “bad” foot only got a tiny bit sore and crampy in the middle of the run. That resolved OK, tho.

Next step: whirlytwirl and I are going to commit to two weekday runs in the mornings. Both of us are homebodies during the day, so this will get us up and moving instead of hiding behind tea and pjs. OK, maybe that’s just me.  I hate mornings, generally.  So Monday and Wednesday mornings, I think, will be our running days during the week and Saturday afternoon or evening.

I’m very happy I finally got out and did it.  I’m looking forward to do it more!

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