W1D3: I Didn’t Cry

I won’t pretend it was easy. Except maybe the last set. That always seems to be remarkably easy.

By the third interval, my shins were hurting badly. By the fourth interval my right knee was twinging, at the inner bottom side and I was feeling a bit panicky. From intervals 5 through 7 I felt like crumpling up and crying. I felt like weeping and it took a lot of emotional control to keep my shit together.

Has anyone else ever had that before? I know they say that massages and yoga can sometimes release emotional tension leaving people crying for, seemingly, no reason. I hadn’t heard of running being like that.

It wasn’t fun.

But, after exploring a new running route, full of incredible natural beauty, my 10 year old son joined me for the last interval. That really helped.


5 thoughts on “W1D3: I Didn’t Cry

  1. I’m a runner. Have been for years (ok, on and off, what with injuries, my aversion to running when it’s the dead of winter-hate the cold-and various other things that have kept me from hitting the road). But, I am a runner. And yes, I’ve had that “I-want-to-lie-down-right-here-curled-up-in-a-small-wimpering-ball-and-cry” feeling many times. keep going…just like you did. Running is a metaphor for life (as I’m sure you’ve heard)…just put one foot in front of the other. Persevere, even when you feel like giving up. There is a mindset that comes from identifying yourself as a “runner”…not a “jogger”, but a RUNNER. You will get to the point where you identify yourself as an athlete.
    Some days I hate running. Some days I love it. What I always love is that feeling I get when I’ve finished…that, “YES! I DID IT!” feeling…
    You are doing an amazing thing for your body and setting a brilliant example for your boys….that even when you don’t really feel like finishing what you’ve set out to do, sometimes you just have to push through to get the reward on the other side.

    Bravo Leanne…I’m proud of you…:)


    • Thanks Barbara! Now, if I can fix this shin splint problem, I’ll be golden. I think the pain of the shin splints is the biggest challenge I have. I am not afraid of the hard work. I’m just not a fan of that intense pain. I’m looking into remedies.

  2. Right after your run, ice your shins and rest with your legs elevated…take ibuprofen (not tyelenol) and drink water…also, make sure to eat some protein and carb combo once you’re done (a glass of milk, if you drink it, is perfect)…it should help…

  3. Oh, I should mention…ice them for no more than 20 minutes…and you have to leave it on through the initial “burn” feeling (wrapping it in a tea towel works well)…

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