Weight Watchers

I love Weight Watchers. This week I lost 3.1 lbs! I’ve lost more than 6 pounds since mid-March, and that is with goofing off two weeks. Still happy.

2004That picture on the right is me years ago during my time following the 123 Program and then the one with the point ranges. I think it was taken when I was about 70 lbs down. I went on to lose a total of 87 lbs. Diets always seemed like punishment but not Weight Watchers. I consistently lost weight most weeks and after initial growing pains it felt like normal, healthy eating and living to me. I was exercising 5x a week between attending waterfit and walking on my treadmill, and I was just generally active and happy. The feeling fantastic bit is a big thing. I had lots of energy. I won’t lie that it wasn’t hard at times but my willpower muscle was pretty well developed after the 14 months it took to lose that much weight, and it was a good sort of work.

Fast forward nine years, I regained most of my loss thanks to slipping into old habits and having two pregnancies. That exercise thing? Totally stopped.

I rejoined WW last February and after losing 15lbs in short order, I fooled around for 10 months, stopped attending meetings, gained back 10 lbs and then maintained through some miracle. It stinks to know that if I had just buckled down, I might be at my goal right now. It’s a good lesson, too. If you screw up, so what? Start again. I’m older now and know I probably can’t lose at the same rate as I once did, but darn it if I’m not going to work hard for it and enjoy the journey along the way.

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