I’m in a fitness and health support group of amazing kick-butt women. Often we post videos to share a little of what we’re doing, our successes, and feelings. This silly little video of me is a challenge I put out to them on Thursday.

Sorry for all the dizzying movement. So how did I do this weekend?

I FAILED BIG TIME. I didn’t dance for more than 30 seconds. Also, while the band itself was great, I thought the music was horrendous — The Band (whoever they are), Rolling Stones (ew) and other covers.  Definitely not my cup of musical tea. I think I knew all of one song, and while I had enough to drink that night to loosen any inhibitions, I couldn’t rouse an ounce of excitement at all. For reference, I do my running program with a playlist featuring The Magnetic Fields, Thievery Corporation and Bauhaus.

Really, what I wrote above is just an excuse. I could have forced myself to dance and finished my challenge but I really didn’t feel like it, and I often don’t do things in life (that I don’t _have_ to do) that don’t speak to my soul in some way.

I still want to complete it successfully so I am going to think of something else to do that is scary for me. I’m not quite sure what that will look like right now but I really believe in the importance of challenging ourselves to escape our comfort zones so I will think of something. We can’t stay in the same place doing the same thing and expect any kind of internal or external life change.

In other news, after a great loss last week, I weighed at home this weekend and saw a 6 lb gain! How is that even possible?! I had been careful. I exercised. Trying not to let it throw me off. Bummer.

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