New Toys

I said I wouldn’t disappear and I did – oops! I just had a birthday. I suffer from an acute case of Birthday Depression. o-TARD-GRUMPY-CAT-BIRTHDAY-570 Birthdays, and the days leading up to my birthday, are days for the gnashing of teeth and weeping and feeling sorry for myself. This year was pretty special though. My children made a list with things like “Tickle. Magic tricks. Dance party.” Dance we did! My family also refilled my supply of acrylics and bought me some new canvases. Painting is something I really love doing and should make more time to do.

My other birthday gifts were a new blender, a FitBit One, a Fitbit Aria, and BirthInTheHammer gave me a gorgeous skein of earthy rainbowy woolly goodness that will be knit into something someday.

I’ve been using the One to get a baseline for about a week now and it is clear that I constantly lie to myself about my activity level. I’m not nearly as active as I think I am or I used to be! I’m lucky if I top 4000 steps in a day that I am working a lot at my computer or puttering around my house. I did earn 13K on my dance day. Oh, that all days were dance days! I also only sleep between 3-6 hours per night Monday through Friday and only a little more than that on the weekend, and my sleep isn’t especially good sleep. Enlightening. Again, I like seeing the numbers.

FitBit_Aria_35301721_35301722_01_620x466I have an old Tanita circa 2003 that has seen better days so I’m grateful for the Aria upgrade. It’s pretty neat if you like gadgets. I really like that I can stand on my Aria, it identifies me as one of the 8 people who can use my scale, and sends my weight and body fat % straight to the application for graphing, saving me the step of writing it down. I’ve read mixed reviews about the body fat aspect of any scale and how inaccurate they can be. I suspect my number isn’t too far off and I’m interested in seeing the trend from day to day anyhow and not a number in isolation so it all comes out in the wash. My body fat is through the roof! Squishy, indeed.

My blender gift is really all about smoothies and iced coffee. I normally whir together half a banana, a few handfuls of frozen blueberries, strawberries, and peach slices, a dollop of greek yogurt and a little milk. Occasionally I add spinach but I should add some more greens. What’s your favourite smoothie recipe?

3 thoughts on “New Toys

  1. Wow, those are some awesome gifts! My smoothies are similar to yours, except that I use chocolate almond milk and a tablespoon or two of peanut butter. It’s my addiction! But it keeps me from drinking a real milkshake.

    • I’ve always wondered about the PB in smoothies. I’m weird about mixing nuts and fruits. Does it add much to the taste?

      • It does add some taste, sort of like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich flavor. I love PB though.

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