Life and Weight and Activity

I went back to Weight Watchers on Saturday! The good news: I went back! The bad news: I gained 10 lbs since April. Pretty sad but I gain weight quite easily and my habits have been atrocious. I own that gain, darnit!

When I have experienced happiness and success in the past, it has always been because I’ve put my own self-care first. It isn’t selfish to take a little time every day for you or to have good boundaries with negative people. In the past, I made it a priority to take care of my health because taking good care of me makes me feel good, and feeling good also helps me be a better partner, parent and person, in general. That isn’t just weight loss related, either. Do you make a conscious effort to distance yourself from people who sabotage you and are generally negative? I’m not always good at it but I’m getting better at calling people on their BS, and cutting people from my life who are pretty toxic. I’m also working on being responsible for my own journey — that means not using someone else’s crappy behaviour and struggles as an excuse for my own.

exercFor the first time in 2+ months, I grabbed my sneakers, put on my capris, squeezed into my sports bra, loaded my playlist, clipped on my FitBit and headed out on a day that was super hot and humid for a brisk-ish 45 minute walk. I’m pretty proud that I didn’t let the weather stop me. I was sweaty and red-faced and hot, and I ended up slowing down a bit toward the end but I was out the full 45 minutes.

So here is other good news: I’m feeling good. I’m making better choices overall. I’m feeling focused. I’m really a Weight Watchers fan girl. It works for me. It works for how I live and how I eat — mostly unprocessed foods anyhow — and the trade-off of needing to count and measure is worth the outcome to me. I was at a birthday party yesterday with cheesecake and ice cream. I ate a lighter but still well-rounded mid-day meal to allow for a little of each. Really, that is the sort of thing that appeals to me about the plan and it’s the common sense I’m missing when I’m off-plan.

Have a beautiful day!

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