$(KGrHqJHJFUFGhGtSrTWBRs4E2W3Uw~~60_12While I’m stressing about my plans for this autumn and trying to get everything organized while waiting on other people, something I don’t do so well, I have been enjoying a little retail therapy. When you have wide feet and athletic or wide calves, you know the pain of never being able to buy a pair of comfortable, cute boots. Consider that many boots have a calf width of about 14″ and wide boots for people with wider calves are extremely difficult to come by in Canada, especially if you want anything event remotely attractive. Albeit, my definition of attractive may not be the same as yours. I’ve had decent luck with lace up boots in the past so when I saw these Doc Martens I ordered straight away. Aren’t they adorable? I owned Docs as a teenager and a young adult and the fit worked back then so I’m crossing my fingers and my toes that they’ll work out when they arrive. I might just cry if they don’t. I also really need a supportive boot. My achilles tendon issues last winter were exacerbated by a pair of heeled and unsupportive boots.

My evening plan for stress relief: Sharknado while walking on the treadmill sans FitBit. Boo.

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