FitBit Funeral

Sadly, unless my FitBit One has a miraculous recovery, it seems like it has succumbed to taking a whirl in the wash machine. It started briefly when I was stuffing it in a baggie of rice but it hasn’t turned on since then. Very frustrating because with few exceptions I wear it 24/7 to track my activity and I really really REALLY miss wearing it. I don’t understand why the company would produce such a good product but fail to make it waterproof when it clips to clothing and could so easily end up in the laundry. I’m kicking myself for not transferring it from the shirt I was wearing to the wristband overnight.

I am leaving it in the rice for another 12 hours and then I’ll give it a charge in the morning, and we’ll see if I need to save my pennies or not for something else or another FitBit.

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