Night Walks

Yesterday I was running around wearing my FitBit for the first time in many days — I had forgotten to put it in the mornings and it has totally thrown off my step count — but I stuck it on my underclothes and had at it, determined to overcome BirthInTheHammer’s lead. Baha! At the end of a busy but low step count day, I met an old friend for coffee, abandoned the coffee shop after a short sit, and then he and I wandered through the park until I reached my 10K steps for the day. Go me! I overcame my penchant for lazy. Picture proof!photo (6)

There is so much activity after 10pm in parks in the summer! People were sitting around, some folks were playing tennis and squash in the courts, people were walking dogs, and some were out running. Like daytime except there were no children. A perfect time for walking. I’m most energetic in the evenings so I came home and danced my way around the house with headphones — me and a broom, sort of sweeping. You can earn quite a few steps dancing and quasi-tidying!

Also of note, I have had a really good week surrounding food. It’s not seemed to matter that much other than fuel, which is a good head space for me, and I’ve been occupying myself with other things.

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