A little update

So weight-wise I’m hovering right where I’m always hovering but I’m walking about twice as much as I was before 5-6 days a week. I keep forgetting to pack a lunch so I’ve been buying an anemic looking sandwich on campus and then when I get home I’m starving so I eat All Teh Thingz! Thank goodness for all the walking or I’m sure I would be up. This week I’m going to make a real effort to pack a lunch every single day. Ideas?

Life-wise, I don’t understand how people can go to university, have outside interests AND actually keep up with their reading/work. Something has to give. I have hobbies and friends that I’ve completely let drop this month, and it’s been a real balancing act with my family. I suppose non-mature students usually don’t have families to consider. It’s stressful and by Saturday morning, I’m in desperate need of fun.

Also, in an act of spontaneity this week, I lopped off a chunk of hair. Check it.


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