Habits, Systems and Goals

This article is brilliant and completely in line with what I have been talking about regarding habits. Basically: if it’s the system or plan that gets you to your goal, set up and follow the system  and don’t even pay attention to the goal and you’ll get there anyway without the stress of looking at that seemingly unattainable goal out there in the future.

Duh!  That’s one of those brilliantly simple and obvious things that seem like an epiphany when you figure it out.

A system is a plan made up of repeated steps. Repeated steps are just habits.

My goal is to re-shape my body in such a way that it works better and fits betters into my clothing. It doesn’t matter what the specific numbers or sizes are. My system is to change the way I eat long term and get more activity in – in an organic way, I’m no dieting gym-bunny. The habits I need to make that system work are adding vegetables into all of my meals, increasing the amount of water I eat, improving the quality of my snacks while reducing the amount of snacks I eat, getting my 10,000 steps a day and starting a running training program.

If I make all those habits regular, if I turn them into a system that repeats over and over and over then the goal will happen whether I think about it or not. So, I’m not going to be miserable focusing on the 50lbs I was hoping to lose by summer. I won’t feel like it’s so far away and so huge and unattainable that I should not bother at all. No, instead I will think about my habits – establishing and maintaining them – so that all the little things I need to do to achieve my goals will be completed, on auto-pilot. One day I will wake up and realise that I’m achieving my goals, and even better: I’m achieving them easily, with little thought or inconvenience.

What kind of habits are you trying to establish?

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