Well, that was an awkward pause!

So, a little time has passed since my writing buddy or I have posted. 

And you can guess what that means: backward movement only. 

I floated up 10 pounds in the first months the kids were home from school.  Hmmmmm. Looks like that walking them to and from school thing is actually an integral part of my weight maintenance routine.  Which also makes me thing that all else being equal, upping my activity just a little would possibly cause a loss. 

In the last week I’ve made an effort to walk more every day.  I should be doing 10 000 steps but that’s just not happening for me right now. So I’m committing to raising my weekly average up from 20 000 steps per week average to 30 000. Just for now. When I’m regularly doing 30 000 I’ll bump it up again.


I also bought a bike and am trying to get out at least once per week for about 30 minutes.  It’s tricky as it’s a cruiser and we live in a hilly urban area. Tiny inclines nearly kill me!  But, I suppose the hard work to manage the starts and hills with no gears is better exercise for me. 

Here’s to doing better a tiny bit at a time!


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