Your two intrepid improvers are friends, business partners and doulas who both love knitting, gaming, movies, music, dancing and living life.

This place where they share their thoughts is a body positive place. While they make seek to alter the shape of their bodies, they do it in order to improve their health and comfort and to find the right fit for their particular unique shapes. Those shapes will probably not conform to what the media usually tells us is the optimal human form. A really major part of finding the right fit for each of them is to find the right fit for their mental, emotional and spiritual health.

So, while they may talk about diet they will probably be focusing on choosing healthier foods and making good eating habits – which, again, may or may not conform to what the media has told you is healthy – and not on limiting calories or macro-nutrients. When they talk about exercise, they will mostly likely talk about movement and finding joy in using their bodies well. When they talk about mental, emotional and spiritual health you might read about creating rituals, affirmations, meditations and relaxing.

You will find honesty, encouragement and life affirming stuff in here.

You’ll probably find a fair bit of silliness, too.

Please join in the conversation by commenting with your thoughts and experiences. Be warned, however: nobody likes hanging out with mean folks. If you are not adding to the sum of good in the world via your comments, the authors have no problem hitting the delete button.

That being said, Welcome!  Have a look around. Say “hello” and share some of your journey with us.


One thought on “About

  1. I also attend a Saturday morning meeting (8:30). I enjoyed reading your entries and think it will be an added boost for me to Susan’s meetings. I look forward to reading more.

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