Well, that was an awkward pause!

So, a little time has passed since my writing buddy or I have posted. 

And you can guess what that means: backward movement only. 

I floated up 10 pounds in the first months the kids were home from school.  Hmmmmm. Looks like that walking them to and from school thing is actually an integral part of my weight maintenance routine.  Which also makes me thing that all else being equal, upping my activity just a little would possibly cause a loss. 

In the last week I’ve made an effort to walk more every day.  I should be doing 10 000 steps but that’s just not happening for me right now. So I’m committing to raising my weekly average up from 20 000 steps per week average to 30 000. Just for now. When I’m regularly doing 30 000 I’ll bump it up again.


I also bought a bike and am trying to get out at least once per week for about 30 minutes.  It’s tricky as it’s a cruiser and we live in a hilly urban area. Tiny inclines nearly kill me!  But, I suppose the hard work to manage the starts and hills with no gears is better exercise for me. 

Here’s to doing better a tiny bit at a time!


FitBit Funeral

Sadly, unless my FitBit One has a miraculous recovery, it seems like it has succumbed to taking a whirl in the wash machine. It started briefly when I was stuffing it in a baggie of rice but it hasn’t turned on since then. Very frustrating because with few exceptions I wear it 24/7 to track my activity and I really really REALLY miss wearing it. I don’t understand why the company would produce such a good product but fail to make it waterproof when it clips to clothing and could so easily end up in the laundry. I’m kicking myself for not transferring it from the shirt I was wearing to the wristband overnight.

I am leaving it in the rice for another 12 hours and then I’ll give it a charge in the morning, and we’ll see if I need to save my pennies or not for something else or another FitBit.

W2D1: I Am A Warrior

I did it!  I ran for 1 min, walked for 4 minutes and did it 9 times!

And not only did I do that but I did not get shin splints!

I did some research, and so did Whirlytwirl, and we did lots of calf and shin stretches before running. We also experimented with KT Tape on our shins.  During the run, every time I felt like there was twinge of shin pain, I adjusted the angle of my hips (holding them more in line with my torso and not sticking my booty out too much) and working on lifting my torso more with each stride (which alleviated some of the plodding feeling I was having that was leading to too much impact into my feet and legs).

The result: no shin splints!

That’s not to say that there was no burning in my shins, but it was distinctly different. The burning this time was the muscles and tendons getting worked hard, not overworked. I missed icing the shins this time (I won’t next time) and took an Ibuprofen.

I felt so awesome!

I’m working on being a good and supportive running partner, too. I cut out a most of the negative talk, including the negative self-talk. I’m still a total smart ass, that’s never going to change!  This time, however, I didn’t give Whirlytwirl the finger when she gave me the thumbs up. I didn’t stick my tongue out at her or frown or disparage the run in any way. I plastered a big smile on my face – which probably resembled a grimace most of the time – and enjoyed a moment of triumph after each running interval. There was some epic fist-bumping going on!

I’m so proud of us. I’m a little shocked that I wasn’t “destroyed” after this much more challenging run. I was expecting to feel horrible after the run, but I felt great. I felt like I’d earned the ache I had and that, if it had been asked of me, I could have done a few extra intervals.  I feel far less scared anticipating tomorrow’s run than I felt on Thursday and Friday thinking about the bump from 30 seconds to 60 seconds of running.

And I’m starting to see some positive physical effects of these 4 runs. Today, walking home from the hockey game from Copps Coliseum, almost 1km away from home, which is a walk that is almost entirely uphill, I was NOT winded from the walk. I wasn’t winded and I walked at a much faster pace than usual.

I am a freaking warrior!

Last Week

side-viewLast week I did three walkruns, two hours of dancing, and plenty of walking. I followed Weight Watchers and tracked everything. I lost 4.7 pounds according to their scale, and 5.2 on mine while nekkid. It wasn’t easy. I’m prone to saying “to heck with it” if I deviate even a little from my daily plan. I’ve been working at shifting my all or nothing way of thinking, mostly successfully, but it was still a challenge some days.

So I took this picture of me wearing tight compression capris and a tight shirt in a store dressing room today as I tried on things. Having lost and gained and lost weight before, I know my body shape doesn’t change much with weight loss but I’m excited at having a record of some volume changes. I have about 75 pounds to go!


Not exotic but yum. A cup of peppery scrambled egg whites, a ton of mixed vegetables (broccoli, bell peppers, onion, carrots, a couple baby corn, mushrooms, sugar snap peas), and 1 oz. goat cheese. Tea and clementines for later. 7 points.

Changes and wins

Shall we start with the win?

I lost 3.9lbs this week!

Last week, my weigh-in revealed a gain. That was discouraging. It is still hard to follow the program as it was intended but I’m making some changes.

One of my problem eating areas if late night snacks.  I like to relax after the kids go to bed. I make a nice snack and zone out in front of Netflix and Hulu. Sometimes I have the munchies and sometimes I’m genuinely hungry when I’m up very late and it’s been more than 5 hours after supper.

Rather that deny myself my evening’s enjoyment, I have made snacks that are healthier. I’ve made crackers with cream cheese and caviar, handfuls of grapes, veggies and dip, pita and hummus and good quality European cheese.  I used to eat nacho chips or pie or ice cream or sandwiches.  In comparison, I think the snacks are far healthier given they’re supposed to snacks and not a second supper.

I’ve also been trying to get to bed at a better hour.  I love to stay up late. Heck, I’m writing this at 2:05am! So, getting into bed before midnights helps to curb the late night eating urges.  I don’t have a chance to feel hungry if I’m asleep!

The last change I made this week was to reduce the amount of soda I drink – a major weakness – and drink more water.  I drink diet soda (knowing full well aspertame is a terrible toxin) and studies are showing now that diet soda is correlated with Type 2 diabetes and weight gain. So, I’m kicking the habit. A little at a time, tho.

Small changes are easy. Soon, though, lots of these little changes will have big results.